This is the Bach Ensemble Luzern:

 Choir and orchestra, and conductor Franz Schaffner.



Portrait of the Bach Ensemble
The  Bach Ensemble Luzern was founded by Franz Schaffner and Ruedi Zemp in 1980. The first concert was performed at the Matthäuskirche in Lucerne in January 1981. In 2011 the Ensemble celebrated its 30th anniversary.
Franz Schaffner has been the art director since the beginning.

The Bach Ensemble Luzern: The ensemble consists of a choir and  orchestra. There are 40 to 60 singers in the choir, who are assembled according to the timbre and sonority required for each concert.  The singers are experienced amateurs  whose  qualifications vary but who  have all  reached a high standard of performance.  They all have to be able to learn to sing the works on their own as there are just a few rehearsals for each project.
The orchestra consists of both professional instrumentalists and  competent amateur musicians. As with the choir, the number of performers varies according to the instruments required by the works in question. The orchestra only plays with modern instruments.

Objective: Originally, the objective was to perform  all 200 Cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach comprehensively. However, in the course of time  the scope was greatly broadened.The whole musical, social  and artistic  environment of this great composer is to be explored. This has led, over the last few years, to programmes including works by  some of the sons and other relatives of Bach as well as of his contemporaries.

 Repertoire: The statistics (March 2016)  are impressive: 158 Cantatas, 55 Masses, Oratories and Motets, 71 instrumental pieces by J.S. Bach as well as 141 works by other composers. This amounts to 425 different works.
Concert programme: Every year a particular theme runs through our four Sunday concerts as well as our traditional Christmas Concert at the KKL.  In the concert year 2015 our motto was "Bach Cantatas and Trumpet Concerts", in 2016: "Vivaldi, Bach and Dodds".
Occasionally we integrate parts of a programme into a liturgy given within a church service based on cantatas. This is how the cantatas were originally  intended by their composers.


What aims do we pursue?

We want to bring the joy of high quality music to people at moderate prices. 

It is important to us to present interesting programmes wihich please ans delight the audience. We also make a point of bringing to the listeners the experience of works that are out of the ordinary and rarely performed. The concerts are offered at affordable prices (Swiss Francs 40/35/30/10 for our Sunday concerts in the Franziskaner Church; 110/95/80/60/40 Swiss francs for our Christmas concert at the KKL Lucerne).


And that's the way we do it:

The Association of the Bach Ensemble Luzern  is both the Board of Trustees and the overall organiser. It consists of 350 members: single members, couples and patrons. The annual membership fees of Swiss francs 50, 80, 200, respectively, are moderate.

The Managing Committee consists of six members (President, Art Director, Secretary, Financial Adviser, Communicator and Advertising Specialist. These volunteers create the best possible  environment for the ensemble and their concerts as far as strategy, marketing, sponsoring, communication, publicrelations, advertising and its means, and finances, are concerned. Additional volunteers are responsible for the box office, for the administration and organisation of the concerts and for the accountancy.

Communication and advertising: To increase the audiences of our concerts we have intensified the marketing of our concerts as well as our advertising and communication strategies. In addition, we intensify our activities in Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Adword in Google). 


Finances and sponsoring: The Sunday concerts in particular don't cover their costs in spite of increasing numbers of concert-goers and making economies. However, we are determined to keep up the high artistic standard of these concerts without increasing the ticket prices. We feel we owe this to the public. For this reason we can only cut the deficit run up by the Sunday concerts by achieving a profitable Christmas Concert and by getting financial help from public institutions, foundations, sponsors and patrons.


We thank all who support us.